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not_my_new_york's Journal

This isn't quite the New York I expected
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An AU roleplaying community
The universe isn't actually a universe at all - it's a multiverse. Millions upon millions of parallel worlds exist simultaneously, and time means nothing. Time is a linear construct imposed by man to make sense of his own particular world.

Sometimes, the walls between these multiverses thin. Thoughts and ideas from one universe can bleed in to another, leading to a rise in fantastical stories and ideas.

And sometimes, the walls disappear. There's no sign that it has happened, except that you might be walking down the street, turn a corner, and find yourself in another universe. Perhaps even another time.

It's just happened in New York City.

Click to enlarge.

It may look the same. It may even sound the same. But believe me, this is not your New York. You're just going to have to survive the best you can.

This is a roleplaying community, positing that characters from alternative universes (any fandom) are appearing in a version of New York City, circa 2007. Applications are welcome from any fandom, as are original characters.

There are currently two original characters living in this New York City, Ceridwen Rhydderch call_me_ceri and Calvin Redcrest call_me_calvin, who own a nightclub called Bête Noire bete_noire_club

The club provides an alternate venue for your characters to interact with the various denizens of this version of New York City.

There is also an OOC forum for this community not_my_nyc_ooc

Be mindful of the fact that from time to time there may be adult content that rates as NC-17.

Please ensure that you 'friends lock' any threads that reach a point of becoming NC-17 in their content. Failure to do so will result in removal from the community. Thanks for understanding!